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We are a group of passionate teachers who love teaching and we teach children to love learning. Our tutoring method with interactive tools and live virtual classroom environment will make your child love learning unlike any time before and reach desired academic excellence.


Our mission is to build a community of lifelong learners who love learning by providing meaningful learning experiences within a safe, comfortable environment that transforms them to excellent learners with strong academic and interpersonal skills to succeed in the ever changing world.


Our strength is our young learning minds who at every step of learning were enthusiastic to learn more; supportive parents who found us helping their children in transforming to excellent learners; and our dedicated tutors who were anytime available whenever a child needed support.

CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, SABIS, British & American Curriculums


Why to learn on eZtute?

Students will never end up loosing a class!

The student will never end up loosing the class, for any reason anytime, in a one-to-one tutoring mode. If the student is not able to attend the session, notify the same and the session can be rescheduled at the student's availability.

We help students to enhance their confidence!

Many students hesitate to ask doubts in a classroom due to the fear of making mistakes; but with the interactive face to face sessions with our expert tutors, students will develop the confidence of asking and clearing doubts.

Lesson plans are tailor made to suit students' need!

Every student has a different learning pace. Our experts panel tailor the lessons to adapt to student’s learning style and pace. Through continuous interactions our tutors help to improve the level of understanding of the child.

We help students to improve their academic grades!

Our tutors reinforce the lessons and create an effective learning environment. Face to face tutoring helps to increase the students' sense of responsibility which makes them become more serious towards mastering the subject.

We always provide regular feedback to parents!

We provide parents with regular feedback on the student’s progress and address any areas of concern on a periodic basis. This eases parent's concerns on student's progress and also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of our efforts.

We provide quality tutoring at much affordable fee!

For most parents getting tutors for children affects the budget as tutoring is very expensive across many tutoring platforms today. With us, for much lower fee, every student can gain access to quality online tutoring.

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Initial assessment

Assessment of the child's learning needs, learning style, pace and availability is done by our experts along with a tutor.

Set-up a suitable plan

A personalized package and payment plans that best fitting the student's needs and your budget is proposed by us.

Virtual classrooms

Live online sessions in eZtute Online's Interactive Virtual Classrooms as per the student's convenience.

Additional sessions

Special additional sessions for home works, periodic tests and question banks problem solving as needed.

Digital library

We provide free digital study materials regularly to all students in addition to the tutoring sessions.

Periodic reviews

Periodic review of the child’s progress and parent-tutor meetings to address further study needs or any concern.

Well experienced Indian tutors!

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