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Frequently Asked Questions

eZtute Online is a completely online learning platform. The tutoring sessions takes place in our easy to use virtual classrooms which are supported by video conferencing interface, interactive online whiteboard, presentations and several digital study materials. You can access the platfrom by clicking the profile icon on top right side of this page.

Our learning platform is browser based and all you need is the same browser that you are using currently. You do not need to download or install any other applications to use eZtute Online Virtual Learning Platform.

You can access eZtute Virtual Learning Platform from your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. However we recommend you to use a touch screen device like a tablet or laptop for best use of the platform. We strongly recommend using headsets while in the class.

Our platform works well with mobile data, broadband or hotspot internet connections. In order to have seemless experience we recommend you to have a speed of 20mbps or higher. If there are multiple devices connected to the same router, you may need to have higher internet speeds. You can test your internet speed at

We currently offer CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, SABIS, British and American curriculums only. The subjects we currently offer are Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Studies upto higher secondary level. If you are interested in any other subjects or curriculum you can send us an enquiry by clicking here.

You can request a free trial before finalizing a tutor and you can request separate trials for each subject. You can select the tutor you are most comfortable with. We do not charge any fee unless you finalize a tutor with us.

All our tutors are well experienced and most of the students normally finalize the tutor with single trial. However, if you are not satisfied, you can request another trial with another tutor. Please book your free trial session here!

All our tutors are well experienced and are with more than 4 years of tutoring experience. We recruit the tutors after thorough scrutiny and ensure that our students get the best tutors available. We shall provide the tutor profile to you prior to finalizing.

Yes! You can change a tutor if you are subscribed to the premium package. We allow tutor change maximum 2 times in one academic year. We do not encourage many tutor changes as this might affect the student's learning process.

No! Our tutors do not give answers to the homework. The homeworks sessions are to help the student to have better understanding of the concepts. We emphasise on encoraging the students to solve the homeworks themselves with the help of our tutors.

We believe that young minds are not to be strained too much and need to be given enough free time between sessions. Duration of our sessions are limited to 45-60 minutes.

The number of sessions in an academic year depends on the level of understanding of the student. Number of sessions are proposed based on the initial assessment done by our experts during the trial sessions. On an average, a student would require 80-160 sessions per subject for one academic year.

Our normal sessions cover all the syllabus and problem solving as depicted in the text books. Add-on sessions would cover child specific educational needs such as support from a tutor in homeworks, assignments, tests, doubts clearing or qustion bank problem solving.

Students who aim for higher scoring on the subjects would require these add-on sessions to get expertized on previous year question paper solutions, question banks problem solutions etc. The add-on sessions that you subscribe is always an added advantage towards excelling in the subject.

Though we do not offer video recording of all the sessions, you can always review all the learning materials uploaded during previous classes. Such learning materials are available till the end of the academic year for review any time.

Once you finalize the tutor, we exchange the contact details of the tutor, your academic coordinator and student with each other. You can exchange your doubts or concerns before or after the session through the contact details provided keeping the mentor in loop . You can also login to eZtute Virtual Learning Platform and communicate or exchange documents with your tutor anytime.

Our payment plans are completely budget friendly. You can make the payment monthly, half-yearly or annually. We offer great discounts while you make payments half-yearly or annually. Please know more about our packages and payment plans here!

The fee per session varies with the package you choose. We have premium one-to-one package and small-group packages. The group size changes from 3 to 8. The fee varies with the grade and group size. Please know more about pricing here! If you want to know a precise estimate please send us your requirement here!

The fee for one academic year would depend on the number of sessions needed by the student in one year. The number of sessions in an academic year depends on the level of understanding and learning pattern of the student.

On an average, a student would require 8-12 sessions per month per subject and 6-8 additional sessions per month per subject. If you want to know a sample estimate for one academic year, please send us your requirement here!

You will receive invoices, as per the subscription made, to the email you have provided during registration. You may make payments wide payment gateways using credit/debit cards or by direct bank transfer. Please note that payments through payment gateways attract additional charges as stipulated by the providers.

There is a due date mentioned in the invoive and the payment shall be made on or before the due date. We allow a grace period of maximum 7 days, upon special request. Your subscription ceases to exist if you do not make payment even after the grace period.

You need to schedule the homework support session atleast 4 hours in advance. You are required to scan the homework questions or relevant documents and send it well in advance.

For assignments, the sessions are to be scheduled atleast 3-4 days in advance.

You need to communicate the same with your academic coordinator also who would ensure the scheduled add-on sessions are not missed out.

You need to schedule the one-to-one test support or QBPS support session atleast 7 days in advance. For tests you are required to communicate to the tutor about the topics that need to be covered.

You need to communicate with your academic coordinator also who would ensure that the session is not missed out. 

All notes that you would require shall be there as marked during your session for future review. You can review your previous sessions by loging in to the eZtue Virtual Learning Platform anytime.

However, we recommend the students to have the habit of making thier notes in the traditional way also. So, we recommend the student be ready with the text book, a notebook and pen/pencil box handy at all times during the session.

If you find yourself not able to attend a session, you are required to communicate the same with your tutor and academic coordinator well in advance through the contact details provided to you. You can request for a re-scheduling of same session if you have notified the same atleast 8 hours in advance. Rescheduling of sessions are availlable for only one-to-one sessions.

You are eligible for requesting a compensatory session if the session is interrupted due to connectivity issues for more than one-third of the time. You need to notify your tutor and academic coordinator within atleast 4 hours after the interrupted session. Any claim of interrupted session later than this shall not be entertained.

If you have not used up all sessions that you have subscribed for, your credit remains in your wallet for one more academic year. Remaining credits can be adjusted against sessions of next academic year equivalent to the remaining credits. To avail this facility you are required to subscribe to the subsequent academic year.

You can cancel the subscription anytime and subscription shall automatically terminate at the end of the current payment cycle. If you are subscribed to a payment plan and you cancel subscription any time after commencement of the cycle, then the subscription will remain active till end of the current payment cycle.

If you cancel the subscription after commencement of the payment cycle the subscription remains active till the end of payment cycle . Cancellation requests should be made atleast 7 days before the commencement of next payment cycle. There is no refund available if the subscription is cancelled after this cut-off date.

If you have an issue, concern or a complaint to report please email us on

To contact customer support please email us on

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